Will I EVER Get to Go Fishing Again?

Lately it seems that when the weather is right, I am busy and can’t leave the office. When I am done and ready to shut the phone off and sneak out, it rains :(
I know that the fishing on Lake Fork is good right now. I am seeing reports from some of the folks over at Texas Fishing Forum and I know the fish are coming alive. The summer patterns are starting to work and the in-between post spawn blues are fading away until next year.
Sooner or later I will be able to get out there and catch more bass, but I guess sometimes we have to be patient about these things and the right time will come sooner or later.
A note to all of you out there who aspire to be self-employed. Sometimes it’s great, other times it will drive you crazy. I am in a period of the later.
See ya on the lake soon!

8 thoughts on “Will I EVER Get to Go Fishing Again?

  1. I feel ya.

    It went from being high 50s here to low nineties in a period of a day or two. The trout are wondering what's up, and on top of that, it put everyone on the water all at once.

    I've been busy my own self. I fished Sunday, then Tuesday night, but that's it.

  2. That reminds me. I was watching your video on the Lake Fork Fishing map, learning how to not get ketchup on it, and I couldn't figure out how big of a body of water we're talking about here.

    How big is this Lake?

  3. waaa I got to work, waaaa I can't go fishing.

    Hey bro, just giving you some sh#t.

    great site. talk at you later.

  4. Oh yes, self employment. I would love to be back on call and in the clinic now because I would have more time to fish! LOL

  5. Hey Scott, awesome site you have going! What kind of business are you in, if you don't mind me asking…

  6. Thanks T-Shirt Guy. I am in the Internet marketing business. I work with everything from apparel to hardware. Mostly, I help people sell their goods online. I sell maps and Wacky Savers myself but my business is centered around me helping others sell their goods.

    I see you are in the T-Shirt business. Drop me an email if you want to talk further. I'd like to talk to you.


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