We’ll Miss You Gerald

Three men were injured in a boat accident on Lake Fork Friday morning. One of the men later died from his injuries at a Tyler hospital. Gerald McSchooler and his nephew were fishing on Lake Fork yesterday when their boat was struck by another bass boat near Little Mustang Cove. Authorities say one boat struck the other, running up and over it, eventually capsizing in the water. McSchooler and the driver of the other boat were taken from the lake to Tyler hospitals by helicopter. McSchooler’s nephew suffered only minor injuries.

McSchooler’s boat was able to make it to the shore while the other boat remained in the water for more than an hour. Game Wardens were eventually able to recover the boat and have impounded both vessels pending the investigation into the crash.

McSchooler worked at Cade’s Building Supplies in Mineola. The hardware store remained closed Saturday morning. He had been involved in community theater at the Lake Country Playhouse.

I was in a play at the Lake Country Playhouse with Gerald last year and have since become friends with him. I have heard lots of versions of this accident, but the only version that I know for real is that we lost one hell of a nice guy last Friday. Gerald was truly one of the nicest people I have met since moving to the area.

He loved fishing topwater and would throw a Yellow Magic under the strangest conditions, but he loved the topwater bite and was a passionate fisherman.

Most every time that I have been in to Cade’s since meeting Gerald, he was there with a smile and a helping hand with whatever I needed that eclipses the standard ‘call of duty’.

This is a solemn reminder to me and hopefully everyone else just how tragic a moment of distraction or lack of focus can be when operating a boat…or any other vessel.

God Speed Gerald. You will be missed by many buddy.

3 thoughts on “We’ll Miss You Gerald

  1. I've been on the lake and have seen this sort of thing almost happen a dozen times. Its sad to hear that it finally happened. Since you seem to be one in the know, are there any other details that you could share with us? Time of day, location, any other words of caution?

    All I can say is for you guys running the lake, please keep a wary eye. Although you may know the boat lanes and areas that are good for running wide open, there are plenty others here for the first time.

    I'm out there all the time and would hate to pull up to a scene like this.

  2. Hey Skeeter,
    I am not in the know here. I have heard a dozen stories and seen about that many on forums etc. You are so right. Even if you know the lake like the back of your hand, you need to always be aware that others may not.
    This was no doubt a split second of not paying attention or whatever that caused this. Whether it was one's fault or the other's is not important to me. We lost a good man as a result of it.
    I think it was about 9 a.m. on Friday morning at the mouth of Little Mustang, but I am not certain of that.
    Be careful man.

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