The Lake is High. Water Water Everywhere.

I went out yesterday for a few hours, from about noon to 3, before the daily thunderstorms ran me off. I caught one small fish on a Fluke in about 20′ of water, using a large splitshot sinker about two feet in front of it to get it down.
Bass should be schooling pretty soon, but I didn’t see any evidence of this.
The water on Lake Fork is very high because of the torrential rains we have had in the area this Spring/Summer. Many of the locals are saying that this messes up the fishing because they open the spillway to let some of the water out and that seems to kill the bite. I am not familiar with this, but I can tell you that I have not talked to anyone in the past month or two who has had any real success.
It will all come back to life when the weather stabilizes and the water levels are back to their normal level.

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  1. One small fish on a Fluke sounds like a pretty good day to me, much less three hours. You also must never forget that what makes Lake Fork so great is the opportunity to catch "the fish of a lifetime." I guess you haven't spoken to any of the local guides, as several of them have indicated the catching has been pretty good for the last week, with one report saying 44 fish were caught one day. The foo.

  2. I agree on the "fish of a lifetime", foo. Actually, I went out last night to my place on the lake and spent the night. I was in Moser's today eating lunch and talked to a few guys who did say that things were picking up for them.
    I'll get back at it soon. Today the humidity was so high that it was hard to stay out for very long.
    I actually do talk to a few guides from time to time but haven't run across them lately.
    Thanks for the comment and welcome to the site.

  3. Much the opposite problem here, Scott. NY waters are wicked low, and my favorite lake, Black Lake, is overrun with weeds and rock snot because of the low water level coupled with higher waste levels.

    I'm fishing there all of next week, but it sounds like I'll have more fun in the kayak than in the bass boat.

    There was a 53 inch muskie taken there last year though (tiger mix, not a breeder). Not sure I'd want her pulling my yak, if you catch my drift.

  4. I am needing to hear how things are going at Lake Fork, Scott. I hope you don't let work get in the way and get back at it real soon. I really enjoy your videos and feel you are giving us the straight skinny. The weather should have a few cooler days in the near future, the type of days that will require that you head to the lake. Good luck!

    The foo, fishinfoo.

  5. Hey Fishinfoo,
    Thanks for the kind words. I plan on getting out a good bit in the upcoming weeks in preparation for the McDonald’s Tournament in September. My buddy Donuts is coming in from Florida to fish with me and the last time he was here we caught some nice fish. I am hoping to get out enough before the tournament to get back on a pattern so we aren’t starting cold on tournament day.

  6. Just got back from Fork. Our best fish went 10 with 3 between 8 and 9. All of our better fish came 25 feet deep, and as deep as 43 feet.

    We caught them on 3/4 oz and 1 oz football jigs, and we also caught a few on big powerworms. Although the bites were few and far between,

    the quality was good. You can more fish from 15-25 feet deep, but the better fish are deeper.

  7. Thanks for the info, Omega. I appreciate it and hope to get out one day later this week. To be honest, the deep water fishing is new for me. I have never really fished in more than about 12-15′ of water, so I will have to adapt and find the deeper structure for the bigger fish.

  8. Scott,

    First of all, I really enjoy your website. I just moved west of

    Lake Fork about a year ago and sadly enough, I have only got out to

    the lake twice. July 2007 and August 2007. On the first trip, I

    caught a couple of fish with one being 6.12 lbs. The biggest I

    have ever caught.

    The second trip in August, we didn't catch anything. However, I

    hear the fishing has picked up since the first week in August.

    I'm bringing my 5-year old with me again this Saturday since he is

    going to be starting school next week and really want for him to

    catch one

  9. Hi Brian,
    Thanks for the compliment. This web site is certainly my favorite of the sites I manage. I do this kind of thing for a living, but this site is my “toy” so to speak.
    I got out quite a bit in the Spring, but not much over the summer. Between the rain, work and the intense heat lately, my fishing trips have been few.
    Later this week, probably Thursday or Friday, I plan to get out and see if I can find some fish. I am fishing the McDonald’s tournament in September so I need to try find something.
    I live east of the lake, so we have it surrounded.
    Let me know how you do this weekend.

  10. Just got the bass boat out again today for the first time in a while. Started off fixing a fuel problem and then headed out to one of my favorite grass beds. Nothing there so I went to the 515 bridge, nothing there. Then went searching for deep water structure and found a dandy bridge that is not on any of the maps. But alas, didn't stick around to fish it much, I was looking for spots for the McDonalds Tourney. Found a couple others then went in. Zero fish, but I wasn't giving it my best effort.

    So how many of you guys plan on fishing the McDonalds? A buddy of mine has a couple of trailers down on the lake so its a good bet I'll be there.

  11. Scott–Man its been a while since you've posted anything. Sure hope you get out soon. The lake is still full, and I understand the fish are still there. Would like to see some video with you catching fall schooling bass on topwaters, i.e. Yellow Magics (sometimes called Silver Magics) and Pop-R's. Let me know if the lake has returned to normal after getting churned up during the McDonald's.

    Good Fishing,


  12. Hey Foo,
    Yes, it's been a while. Lots going on at the office these days and I'm afraid it'll be a while before I get out again.
    I fished the McDonald's tournament. We had a good time and caught a few fish, but nothing special. I'll get out soon enough and get those videos and posts coming back.

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