Spring is Just Around the Corner

Even though temps are still in the 50s, the Spring bite is starting. Find the grass lines near the deep water and fish them with a Carolina rigged lizard or worm and you should find some fish on Lake Fork right about now.
We are seeing Lake Fork map sales starting to move, so interest in fishing Fork for Spring is here.

One thought on “Spring is Just Around the Corner

  1. Scott, Long time no hear! I enjoyed your posts and I hope you are doing okay. On this day before the Super Bowl, I am sitting here just thankful for things like fishing and the opportunity to get out on Lake Fork and try for its famous "fish of a lifetime." Spring is once again just around the corner, and I can't wait for the water to start warming. THIS is the year that I am going to get out more, and try some techniques with baits that I have bought and stored in my tackle box, never using them. It seems that I always use what I have used in the past, but when its Flukes, Baby Brush Hogs, Senkos and Rogues this time of year that seems to be okay. I have read the postings of the Lake Fork guides lately and it seems that the number of fisherman may be down. I really think it would be good for the lake if we could have a couple of years of less pressure, with anglers going to Falcon or Amistad. I am not ready to give up on Lake Fork, although I think it is a tough lake to fish. It sure is fun, though, when things are right and you are on the fish, throwing the right bait, and the fishing becomes catching! I don't have to catch fish to enjoy being out, but it's those days when the fish cooperate that make me want to go every day. Nothing cures my fishing fever faster than a day on the lake without a bump, especially a cold day. The fishinfoo' is back. I'll try to send pictures of the big one I am going to catch! I don't think it will be a new world record, but a new record for the foo'.

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