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At a recent bas tournament I had the opportunity to get out and see a demo of Humminbird’s side scanning technology. What can I say other than WHOA. Their pricey, but you can get a great idea of what’s down under. From the marina where we took off, we went out about 200 feet into some trees and began just idling around. The picture detail was phenominal. You could see trees, grass, perch beads, and supports for docks. At one spot you could actually pick out which post on a dock was holding fish. Simply amazing. After seeing this, I had to get one. So I am now the proud owner of a Humminbird 797 2c. Had to sell off some other hobbies to pay for it though. I’ve only had it out twice, but it has definitely shown me a few things. Other than the massive array of GPS functions and mapping views you can actually purchase a memory chip and follow the cleared boat lanes simply from the display.

Back to the side scanner. I knew where a couple of bridges were before the lake flooded and had to see what this thing had, so I made a few passes and got some amazing photos. I was able to see the guardrails for the bridge and count the number of supports. Next I started scanning around the 515 bridge looking for schools of bass by the pilings and actualy could point out which pilings were holding fish. If only I had some minnows. These things are amazing, but terribly expensive, and tricky to install. Let me know if you have any questions.

Good luck Ya’ll

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  1. Mine isn't that fancy, but I do have that chip on mine where I can see the boat lanes, structure and other lake features. It is very handy, especially at night.

  2. Glad you like your new unit Skeeter. I’ve seen the pictures and video demos of the 997 (expensive big brother), and they are quite impressive. It’s a leap in image quality that none of the other manufacturers are following it seems, for now. From your enthusiasm and report it sounds like you made a great investment and are having fun with it. So, happy side scanning, and hope you catch some fish too !!!

  3. Yeah it’s cool. I have bought a couple of extra tools for it. I have a second mount on the bow and a couple of switches that allow me to steer with the trolling motor and still use the side scanner. This has proved valuable already up in the sticks. Next I bought a Quad Beam trolling motor transducer to give me an actual representation of what’s under the nose. Quad beam has severa views, but most importantly is that it has a minimal side scanning ability but not near the quality. I've been out scanning areas where I know tournament winners have come from and have found some large fish. Alas, that's all we've been doing. Too hot to fish, and I seem to be spending more time working on the boat instead of being on the water. Having starter issues.

    I've got a friend that recently bought a 997 model after he saw what mine was doing. His has the larger display, but still the same functions. If I win a tournament, the wife will probably be happier about the costs, but I think it’s worth it. Its only one fish away from paying for itself.

    Happy fishing.

  4. That's right, Quadra just gives you a wider cone angle 16 by 90 degrees if I remember, but it doesn't give the resolution of "Side Scanning".

    Wow, your friend must have been really impressed to go out and buy a 997 at short notice like that. Where do you guys like to buy your fishfinders, online or locally?

  5. Ken,
    Speaking for myself only, I buy most of my stuff online unless it is something that needs to be professionally mounted or unless I am unsure of the fit.
    The problem with buying much of this kind of stuff locally is that we have mostly small shops that tend to not carry the real high-end electronics because they are expensive. There are a few shops that have the expensive items, but most want to order it for you. I recently bought a new MotorGuide W 75 trolling motor. I bought this and had it installed locally.

    We will start featuring certain high-end electronics reviews and comparisons on this site as soon as one of our major advertising partners resumes their ability to provide us with information that is regularly updated. We are patiently waiting on them as their current system is broken.

  6. I bought a 797c2 for use on Fork but haven't had the level of success w/ the side imaging,

    and am encouraged you've had some success.

    On the installation, can you tell me where/how you successfully mounted the SI transducer?

    I mounted it on the bottom starboard side (stratos 285pro) where the old transducer was, but

    am not getting images on one side, and the sonar images of fish aren't any better than the old

    monochrome eagle graph I had.

  7. I already wrote brian a response but believe sombody else may benefit from the information. The transducer was installed directly to the jack plate. I drilled and tapped it and used stainless steel machine screws to secure it. The motor is far enough back to provide a clean line of sight to both sides, as well as keep the pricey transducer protected. I've head great success with finding the structure, but finding fish is another chore. I found it best to find the structure with the side scanner and then use the sonar to find the fish.

    Back to the unit, for installation help, I found a news group on yahoo that has several good installation pictures. I recommend it to anybody looking for assistance.

    And my buddy who got a 997, purchased it off of Ebay for a good price an it works great.

  8. I don't understand the hype about the 797c2 SI. The technology is great, but if it won't

    stay on boat, what's the use? I've snapped one bracket already in 4 days of use. The new

    bracket is already stressed. I know a guy that has lost 3 transducers because of broken

    brackets that cause it to dangle and eventually snap the wire. The flailing unit took a chip

    out of the gelcoat of my brand new $40,000 rig. Transom mount is not worth it, and I'm not

    drilling through my hull for a thru-hull mount. The bracket will snap over 50 mph or if you

    hit chop at slower speeds. What's good about that?

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