Quick Trip to Fork – Sunday 2/10

It was too nice to stay home today, so I grabbed Judi and we headed for the lake. Inspired by the comments to this post, I had to go fishing.
We got out around 3 and headed to Birch Creek. There were a good many boats out today. We got one fish in a cove just north of the 515 bridge on the west fork. Not a serious fishing trip, but a nice time on the water and one decent fish as you see in the video below.
Surface temps are rising on Lake Fork. The Spring bite will soon be ON!

3 thoughts on “Quick Trip to Fork – Sunday 2/10

  1. Nice bass Scott. I have to get down there and visit one of these days…. I re did my blog a bit. Hoping to get the kayak out more this year now that I'm not running a busiess per se, and take some video as well.

    Take care brother. Hope to see you before Boston in August.

  2. Hey Kev,
    I have a buddy who does kayak surfing and has a really cool helmet cam. It takes pretty good videos.
    It's cold again here, not quite time yet, but it's gettin' there! I suspect we are a week or warm days away from things cranking up here.

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