Quick Trip to Fish Topwater. Four Nice Bass.

I just couldn’t stand to stay home this afternoon. I could hear the Bass calling me, so I went to the lake. I decided to fish only topwater and see what I could find. I found 4 nice bass and missed another one.

First off, I mention a Silver Magic topwater lure in the video. It is Yellow Magic. I am not sure why I insist on calling it the wrong name. The Yellow Magic topwater lure is a quality lure that works very nicely on top of the water. It shoots a nice spray ahead of it when you work it and that stirs up bass.

Most of my bites tonight were very easy. The first fish I caught really attacked the lure, but the others simply sucked it in barely breaking the top of the water. A Gar hit my lure and when I set the hook it cut my line. That’s why I switched from the Yellow Magic lure. I will get another few of them. They are somewhat pricey but they really do work well on top of the water.

3 thoughts on “Quick Trip to Fish Topwater. Four Nice Bass.

  1. What kind of reeling in pattern do you use with that lure? Is it just a constant, steady reeling in or do you walk it?

    I'm not having any top water luck in Ohio, it must still be a little too early.

    That last bass was niceeeee! :^)

  2. I usually twitch it twice and let it sit for a few seconds after that. You just need to determine what works under your conditions. Aggressive fish will strike it if you work it fast. If the fish are not aggressive, my experience is that they will want it slower to entice a strike. Some days they will hit it only when it is moving, other days they will hit it only when it is sitting still and sometimes when they are very aggressive they will hit it with no real pattern.

    This is the first time I have really caught nice fish with a popper style topwater bait. In the past I have had success with soft plastic topwater baits like a frog and with torpedo style topwater baits. A buzzbait is also lots of fun to catch topwater bass on, but be sure to use a trailer hook to decrease misses due to short strikes :)

    Remember, topwater works best on cloudy days or at dawn and dusk. My guess is that in Ohio the water temps are not high enough for the fish to be active on topwater. You need surface temps of 60 degrees or better for largemouth to be active enough to make topwater fun. That might be different in northern climates and smallmouth bass.

  3. I've always had good luck with Banjo frogs (and Banjo bait in general) as much as I hate to admit it.

    Topwater is my favorite as well, for both bass and pike. Both pike I missed on Sunday were chasing spinner baits that I was burning on the top pf the water.

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