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Okay, so I’ve started looking for deeper spots on the lake to fish but several fishing reports suggest using jigging spoons, tail spinners, and assorted swim baits. The closest things I have used in the past were slabs for striper fishing, Little George baits for sand bass, and swim baits for crappie. Are these the same as what the fishing reports are talking about? It’s the jigging spoons that intrigue me the most. What are they exactly talking about? Is there a brand of color I should be looking for? Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. I stopped in a tackle shop on Hwy 17 back during the Skeeter tournament and that guy has some spoons that seem like they work pretty well. He has them hammered somewhere else but he puts them together at his shop. They are about $15 for the big ones and they are 8" I think. I have never used one, but from talking to people at the pro tourney and during the Skeeter tournament it seems that lots of folks are using them with some success. I thought about trying them for the McDonald's tournament, but I wonder if that pattern is not gone by now.

    I went out with a guide yesterday. I won't say who because it was a miserable day for fishing and it wasn't his fault. The weather was beautiful, we had a good time and he showed me lots of spots so it was worth it for me. It was a 1/2 day trip. I missed a good fish early and we caught a few small ones but nothing else. We fished anywhere from 15 to 30 feet of water. We got on schooling fish under a bridge. They are starting to school under the bridges. We hoped we would find some nicer ones in there, but all we caught were 10 inchers on a watermelon Fluke. We saw huge schools of shad with bass in the area on the graph, but they had lockjaw.

    The swim baits are large rubber shad, anywhere from 4 to 12 inches long. Again, I have never fished these either, but I will start. White is a good color for those.

    If it is the McDonald's tournament you are talking about, keep in mind that a fat 15 1/2" fish can get your entry fee back…or more. We'll likely be throwing crankbaits in the deep timber during the tourney. We'll see how long that lasts before the A.D.D. sets in and we are off to another pattern.

  2. Sorry to hear about the guide trip. They call it fishing for a reason though. Did he provide the tackle, or was it bring your own?

    I may have to try out a jigging spoon, but what color? With this new depth finder I can find the schools and plant the thing right in front of them. I also hear they are good in the winter as well. Lets talk location. I like the 15 – 20 foot timber around points, but will probably find myself on top of one of the many submerged bridges, and probably using a newly purchased $15 lure. I'm a sucker for a "Hot Bait". Ever heard of a tail kicker? Its another jigging bait that I have heard of being productive before. Might want to check it out too.

    Right now the boat is full of odd lures and different things that I'll never use, so before the tournament I need to do some house cleaning. The weather may work out for us, but I believe the flood gates at the dam are open causing a little bit of a current. Not a critical factor, but it might make the fish respond differently. Can anyone confirm this?

    Anyways, good luck to all the guys at the McDonalds.

  3. Are you guys talking about the spoons at the Tackle Factory on HWY 17? I used some of those while out with a guide. Honestly speaking we didn't have much luck, but the fishing was horrible for everyone.

    It's been awhile since your last post, eh? Well, heck, I stop by every so often to see how things are developing around here.

    Kinda strange that more bloggers in the lake fork community are not linking to one another. Is there any particular reason, or am I just missing something?

    I know bloggers have a tendency to game at one another, but I just don't foresee a problem with all that nonsense.

    I've had a chat with Cameron over at lfmfr.com and he agrees that more of us anglers online should start linking with one another. Actually, I think he already links to you guys…

    I know I do.



  4. I never purchased any of the fancy spoons. The research was more for the McDonalds tourny. As it turns out, I saw the second place guy pull his in with a DD22, which is what I was throwing. So in the end, I saved $15 but will keep it in mind.

    The web site you're talking about is new to me. Is it an open forum like this one? I'll have to check it out.



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