Fishermen Spend LOTS of Money

My friend Kevin Webster posted an article today about the money fishermen spend annually. The article applies to NY state, but there are some national stats in there I found. I had not idea these figures were this high. See the article.

Freshwater anglers annually take about 21 million fishing trips and spend $1.5 billion pursuing this sport. Saltwater anglers annually take about four million trips and spend more than one billion dollars.

2 thoughts on “Fishermen Spend LOTS of Money

  1. Thanks for the mention, Scott.

    Amazingly, that figure is just for NY, as I read it. There's a US Fish and Game document from 2001 (Link:… (Table 9, Page 16) that shows that nationally, fishermen spent close to $19B including food and lodging in 2001. That's national for sure.

    In 8 years, it's very possible that this figure could have almost doubled, which would put New Yorker's spend into perspective.

    I'll decline to mention that trout fisherman also generally have a higher education than do black bass fishermen, per that document. Just sayin. :)

  2. Money spent on fishing is well spent, the rest and relaxation and fun you get are well worth it!

    I got stuck in Dallas last week, in the airlines issue, so I scooted over to Lake Fork and fished with Scott (owner of this bigbasscountry site).

    I caught a 5lb 11oz beauty, she was kind of short, but very fat and her pectoral fins were all marked up from her time on her bed. Man, what a fish! Making memories! My money was better spent fishing than on the beer we drank. Wait, I take that back, it was all good.

    Scott, thanks for turning a biz trip gone bad (thanks American Airlines!) into a great bass trip!!!

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