Catching Spanish Mackerel in Punta Gorda Florida

Here’s a little change of pace. I am visiting friends in Florida and we went out and got on some nice Spanish Mackerel. We had a great time, caught some fish and made it through some pretty rough water. These Mackerel are real fighters.
Thanks to my good friend Alan Hamilton for having me over to do some fishing. He promises to make a trip to Lake Fork to catch some bass soon.
We’re heading back out tomorrow for more. We are headed southwest to Bull Bay, near Boca Grande in search of more and bigger fish. Details to come.

Caution: This video contains “R-rated” words.

5 thoughts on “Catching Spanish Mackerel in Punta Gorda Florida

  1. Now that's a motley crew.

    Tell Grady to stop dropping F bombs on camera or he'll never get his own show on Outdoor Life network….

    Scott: What program are you using to edit video? I've been messing with Youtube a bit, but I'm not happy with my video quality.

  2. Hey Kev,

    We had a blast man! Yeah, that Grady has destroyed my G Rating :)

    I use iMovie on my iMac, that I got a GREAT deal on at, to mix down the videos. It does a great job and is really easy to use. If you are on Windows, Sony Vegas costs about a hundred bucks and also does a great job. Part of the trick to getting good quality video is to use a size format just larger than YouTube's 350×425 default size. If you use one just smaller, it stretches the video and you lose definition. If you use one just larger it shrinks it and that does nothing to harm the definition. Look at my earlier videos and you can see that I only recently discovered that ;)



  3. Great videos Scott, thanks for posting them. I come back here and watch them every once and a while for the fun of it. You guys caught some nice mackerel there. Think I need to start my own blog, and do cool blogging stuff like posting pictures and videos. Keep them coming!!!

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