Time for a new boat.

Alright, I’m seeking information here. My 89 Skeeter is in good condition, runs smooth, but I found a 20′ that I’m interested in. Here’s the dilemma; I’m about $2500 short. Are there any banks that offer low interest short term loan? Is there any suggestions other than “Get a loan” that ya’ll can think of?

 Perhaps I could jut pass around a plate asking for a penny from everybody. ;)

Berkley Tournament

Well the last tourny of the year has passed for me. This one was quite the ride, literally. The first day we headed out to our first spot bouncing from wave to wave. That was a treat. I never heard my motor come out of the water before.

Once we got there, we took about 15 minutes to tie up to a tree to fish. Another wet ride as we were facing the wind head on. Then after the waves stopped coming over the bow we got to fishing. A couple of small ones and we headed to a protected part of the lake. Day one passed without catching much of anything.

Day two; my partner decided he would sleep in a bit since the sun didn’t come up for another hour. I’m more the type to get out there, and it paid off. At 6:30 I started fishing, and at 6:45 had a nice fish in the well. By nice I mean a money fish, but not big money. I caught the thing on a Jig. This was on the first cast with a lure I never fish, and by never I mean I only use them when sight fishing in the spring. But anyways, he comes out around 7:oo and I had already caught 2 more. He didn’t believe me until I told him we needed to get to the weigh in to be in the first hour. Then he said “Not again”. {I’ve done this to him before.}

We spent the day chasing schooling fish in different areas, but nothing else eventful happened. All in all we had a good time.

 Little Berkley Jig = $3.99

Trailer = $3.99

Cup of coffee to wake up = $1.07

Telling your buddy you caught a money fish while he was sleeping = Priceless

Jigging Spoons / Tail Spinners / Swim Baits

Okay, so I’ve started looking for deeper spots on the lake to fish but several fishing reports suggest using jigging spoons, tail spinners, and assorted swim baits. The closest things I have used in the past were slabs for striper fishing, Little George baits for sand bass, and swim baits for crappie. Are these the same as what the fishing reports are talking about? It’s the jigging spoons that intrigue me the most. What are they exactly talking about? Is there a brand of color I should be looking for? Any help would be appreciated.

Side Scanning Technology

At a recent bas tournament I had the opportunity to get out and see a demo of Humminbird’s side scanning technology. What can I say other than WHOA. Their pricey, but you can get a great idea of what’s down under. From the marina where we took off, we went out about 200 feet into some trees and began just idling around. The picture detail was phenominal. You could see trees, grass, perch beads, and supports for docks. At one spot you could actually pick out which post on a dock was holding fish. Simply amazing. After seeing this, I had to get one. So I am now the proud owner of a Humminbird 797 2c. Had to sell off some other hobbies to pay for it though. I’ve only had it out twice, but it has definitely shown me a few things. Other than the massive array of GPS functions and mapping views you can actually purchase a memory chip and follow the cleared boat lanes simply from the display.

Back to the side scanner. I knew where a couple of bridges were before the lake flooded and had to see what this thing had, so I made a few passes and got some amazing photos. I was able to see the guardrails for the bridge and count the number of supports. Next I started scanning around the 515 bridge looking for schools of bass by the pilings and actualy could point out which pilings were holding fish. If only I had some minnows. These things are amazing, but terribly expensive, and tricky to install. Let me know if you have any questions.

Good luck Ya’ll