Are Those Really Fish?

I got my first LCD depth finder in about 1988. I thought how cool it would be to be able to see the fish. All of a sudden, I realized I was always around fish, according to the screen. But are those really fish? I wondered, and still do.

Today’s LCD depth finders have a much higher resolution screen, many have GPS capability, water temp displays, they show how hard the bottom is and how thick any suspended grass is. They also still show those fish down there…and I still wonder if those are fish or not. If they are fish, are they bass? The instructions to my Lowrance LMS-332 are pretty vague about this. The unit is packed with great features, but I have learned over the years not to put any stock in any fish that this thing shows.

What prompted this thought was someone telling me last week that they saw fish in 10′ of water all day on Lake Fork and fished for them but didn’t catch any. Everyone I have talked with who has caught fish in the past few weeks, including myself, have had the best luck in the 3-6′ depth range. My best fishing in late February and early March was at the shallow end of this 3-6′ range. I wondered if the guys I was talking with had been chasing fish that weren’t there or weren’t bass all day. I still wonder about that. What is your opinion?

I think the best setup is to have a flasher in the front (keep things simple) and use the graph from the cockpit.

One thought on “Are Those Really Fish?

  1. I've never been a fan of depth finders. We used one up on Lake Erie and again on Lake Cumberland and it never seemed to help us find more fish. (although it was helpful in locating a rather large sandbar we had somehow missed the warning buoys
    To me it took the fun out of fishing. I want to use my "gut" to find the bass, not a machine. I use fishing as my escape from the confines of technology and a way to connect with nature. The only "technological" thing I take with me fishing is a cell phone in case of emergency.
    I'm sure depth finders are invaluable to commercial fishermen and pros, but it took the sport out of fishing for me personally. Just my 2 cents.

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