Joey and Mark Fishing Lake Fork at Night

In July and August it’s just too hot to fish during the day, so most fishermen turn to night fishing. Lake Fork is a great lake to fish any time, especially at night.
The moon was bright and the sky was clear. It was a beautiful night on Lake Fork and…oh yeah…they caught some fish too.
Here’s a short video clip.

Time for a new boat.

Alright, I’m seeking information here. My 89 Skeeter is in good condition, runs smooth, but I found a 20′ that I’m interested in. Here’s the dilemma; I’m about $2500 short. Are there any banks that offer low interest short term loan? Is there any suggestions other than “Get a loan” that ya’ll can think of?

 Perhaps I could jut pass around a plate asking for a penny from everybody. ;)