Quick Trip to Fish Topwater. Four Nice Bass.

I just couldn’t stand to stay home this afternoon. I could hear the Bass calling me, so I went to the lake. I decided to fish only topwater and see what I could find. I found 4 nice bass and missed another one.

First off, I mention a Silver Magic topwater lure in the video. It is Yellow Magic. I am not sure why I insist on calling it the wrong name. The Yellow Magic topwater lure is a quality lure that works very nicely on top of the water. It shoots a nice spray ahead of it when you work it and that stirs up bass.

Most of my bites tonight were very easy. The first fish I caught really attacked the lure, but the others simply sucked it in barely breaking the top of the water. A Gar hit my lure and when I set the hook it cut my line. That’s why I switched from the Yellow Magic lure. I will get another few of them. They are somewhat pricey but they really do work well on top of the water.

The Evening Topwater Bite Makes a Slow Day a Fun Day

I went out today about 1:30. It was windy as you can hear in the first part of the video.

The trip started in my favorite cove and I had no luck there, so I went north to a point about 1/2 mile due north of point #48 on the map, Wood Bridge (a submerged roadbed and bridge). I fished around this point and caught one good fish. I had no more bites in this area for a few hours after that and headed back south of the 515 bridge to scope out a few new coves just south of my favorite cove at Little Point (spot #46 on the map). I liked the other coves, but I knew the topwater bite in my favorite cove would be there…and it was.

I got a few small bass on the topwater and didn’t bother taking video of them. I also caught a few nice slot fish on my trusty Pop-R. It’s funny how a tough day can turn into so much fun when the topwater bite turns on. Catching bass on topwater has always been one of my favorite things to do and it has only gotten to be more fun during my time fishing Lake Fork.

I saw no activity of bass on beds today and the fish I caught on the worm was well off the bank, suspended in some grass. This tells me that the post-spawn period is here, at least in this part of the lake. The south end of the lake might still have some bedding fish, but not for much longer. Back off of the bank during the day, find some good points to work. That’s what I will be doing for the next several trips, finding good points to work for suspended bass.

Time to Start Working the Post-Spawn Pattern?

Maybe not today or tomorrow, but real soon we will find ourselves backing off of the bank and working the inner grass lines on the flats for post-spawn bass. With the temps in their summer hang-out not high enough to suit them just yet, these post-spawn fish will be hanging in the flats near their spawning area.
It’s time to use a Rogue or some other shallow-diving stickbait to work the areas quickly looking for a bite, then settle down in an area where you found some bites and working the soft plastics for the fish hanging close to the bottom. What I notice this time of year is an abundancy of smaller fish above the grass in these 4-6′ flats with the larger fish down below the suspended grass. Again, thick and healthy hydrilla provides the most oxygen and cover, attracting the most bass.
I prefer fishing the larger, 10″, plastic worm when working for these post-spawn bass in a qualified area, but only once I have had some action on a ‘faster’ lure or have seen obvious activity on the surface.
I’ll try both patterns on my next trip and hopefully it will be obvious which one works the best.

A Bit Slow, But Three Nice Fish

Some days you get ‘em, some days you don’t. Today I didn’t strike out so I guess it was a good day. Other than a miserable trip for an hour on a cold and windy day, I have not struck out on Lake Fork yet. I am probably enacting some kind of curse now that I have said that. It’s a good thing I am not superstitious. If a bad day on Lake Fork means three nice fish, I am in the right place!

There was not much action in the cove today. I didn’t go anywhere else. I got lured in by two nice fish and ended up staying there until it was too late to go to another spot. I caught about 10 pounds in three fish, so that works for me.

We are expecting a cloudy day tomorrow. I hope to be able to get out. My expectation is that it will be a better day to fish.

Yellow Magic Japanese Topwater Lure

Check out this Yellow Magic topwater lure. I met these guys at the Toyota Classic last weekend. This lure is engineered in Japan and they made some huge claims about it. Today wasn’t a good enough sample to make a determination. If anyone has any experience with it, e-mail me or register and post. I’m curious. I bought two of them, a small one and the “Magnum” version, which is 1/2 ounce. They are available at Bass Pro Shops for $14.95. It’s steep I know. We’ll see if their claims are good.
I can say one thing. They told me that bass inhale this lure. The bass I caught on it did indeed suck it in pretty good. It was released healthy and not bleeding, but it took some surgery to get him unhooked.

Yellow Magic  Japanese Topwater Baits

Toyota Big Bass Classic on Lake Fork

I went to the event today to do some networking with vendors and manufacturers. What a great event! There was live music, great food, nice people and a slew of interesting people at the booths. I bought some nice products that you will see on the site very soon and made some contacts to work with companies that will be announced as they materialize.

I was parked at the event when I realized I left my camera at home. That is a shame because the magnitude of this event is hard to express without images. For a seasoned event it is great. For this level of success at an inaugural event is amazing.

This event was apparently very professionally managed as it seemed well thought out and well laid out. I wouldn’t think the folks at Toyota would stand for anything other than a first-rate event.

There were probably 70 or so booths touting everything from new lures to the latest greatest boats. I learned a lot about the world of bass fishing just by chatting with the vendors and manufacturer reps. I have to give a shout out to the folks at Bill Lewis Lures, who made the trip from Alexandria to attend the show. They had some exciting new products at this event and, again, you will see them here very soon. Their Rat-L-Trap is no doubt my top all-time fish catching lure. They are based out of my home town of Alexandria, Louisiana so there is a hometown connection there.

Overall, this was a wonderful event. I am not pleased only because I was not living here in time to be a part of the event. That will be a different story next year.

For what it’s worth coming from a little guy, this event was a smashing success and should be held every year at least once a year. Lake Fork is one of, if not the, best bass fishing lake in the country. It only makes sense to hold am awesome event on an awesome lake.

The following days and weeks will bring about many additions to our web site as a result of contacts that were made at this event.

The Cold Snap is Over. Caught 8 Bass 04/12/2007

Today was the first day in a week and a half where temps were warm enough to fish in shorts and the wind wasn’t 20+ mph. I headed out at about 12:30 and was met by bluebird skies and a steady east wind, neither are considered real good conditions.

Happy Fishing. Remember the pros are in town this weekend and it will be busy. Be safe!

Is This the Last Cool Snap?

I went out this afternoon at about 5 and fished until dark. I boated about a half dozen with one over 4 pounds and lost a bigger one on a stump. I fished my favorite cove at Little Point with my trusty watermelon seed Fluke. This bait is about to be put on the shelf until next Spring, at least in the watermelon seed color.

When the sun went down the temps dropped like a rock. We will see mmid 40s tonight in East Texas. This weekend is the weekend of the Toyota Invitational tournament on Lake Fork and high temps Saturday and Sunday are slated for mid 40s to 50…brrrrrr.

This should be the last of the cold snaps for the year. I suspect we still have another 3 or more weeks before the post-spawn patterns start working.

Do Bigger Lures Catch Bigger Fish?

Over the years I have heard both sides of this debate. Some people will swear that if you use the 10″ soft plastic worm over the 6″ or the 1/2 ounce Rattle Trap over the 1/4 ounce that you catch larger fish.

I have to agree with this but only partially. On those long summer nights I have seen the larger worms produce more and larger fish, but I have also seen days in the pre-spawn pattern where a 1/4 ounce rattle trap would kill them when they would not touch the 1/2 ounce size. I have lived this by losing my last 1/4 ounce rattle trap in the middle of a good day then switching to the very same color in the larger size and not catching another fish all day. This also supports my method of trying to never have a single one of any lure, but that is a post for another day.

I think that when conditions are less than perfect, sometimes the fish will not hit a larger lure that they would hit when they are more aggressive. Let’s face it, as bass anglers we find ways to entice aggressive behaviour from the fish in order to catch them.

Is there a defined YES or NO to this question? I have to say no. If I am forced to choose one of the two I choose that bigger lures do not mean bigger fish all of the time.

What do you think?

Thursday 3/29 25+ on Lake Fork

The weather on Lake Fork on Thursday was windy and the water was terribly rough. I was fishing with my buddy Donuts who helped me move here from Florida. (I finally got my boat and my stuff here!) We hit the lake at about 2 pm and it was too rough to go far, so we went into the northernmost cove at Little Point, directly across from the Hwy 17 public landing. At the back of this cove is a single house with a green boat shed.

This spot was out of the wind and we knew the possibility of a big bass was less in this location, but I thought the smaller fish might be schooling in there…and I was right. It was slow when we got there and as we worked our way back in the cove it got better and better.

We ended up with, yep you guessed it, a watermelon Fluke. We used the small ones and the larger ones. The larger ones produced fewer fish but most of the larger fish we caught were on the larger Fluke.

There were Gar all over the place in this cove. We could see them schooling and breaking the top of the water all around us. Most of the bass we caught were in the 14-16″ range. Donuts caught a 4-13 (pictured below) and we had a few 3 pounders in the mix. Overall it was a great day considering the conditions. If the weather had been perfect we could have fished Birch Creek and had a better chance at a big fish, but that wasn’t a possibility with 3-4′ waves on the lake.

4-13 Bass on Lake Fork

When you enter this cove, you will notice the point on your left is thick with stumps. If you will draw a mental line around those stumps you will see somewhat of a channel that goes in there and goes all the way to the back. You will need to idle, but once you establish this, you will be able to motor to the back of the cove if you wish.

Here’s a video recap.