Lake Fork Fishing Today

For the past few days I have been fishing off the dock with another guy who is staying here at Lake Fork Resort. We decided to rent a boat for a few days, so we did that today.

  • Boat Rental: $200.00
  • Fishing License $55
  • Falling into the lake 15 minutes into the fising trip…priceless!!

Well, it wasn’t really priceless, it required a new cell phone and since I already had the service, the phone was rather expensive. We were in a stump field and it was windy. I was on the front of the boat and bent down to put the trolling motor in the water when we hit a stump and the boat ceased to drift forward, I did not :) But it’s all good.

We caught a few nice fish in about 3 hours. Mine was 4 lb 2 oz and Tom’s was 3 lb 3 oz. I caught mine on a 1/2 ounce, crawfish colored rattle trap and he caught his on a white spinner bait with a red tipped trailer. Videos are below.

Fishing in the Wind

We have had some serious wind here at Lake Fork lately. Saturday saw sustained winds in the area of 30 mph + all day with gusts over 50 mph. This caused lots of problems in the area like power outages, down trees, ripped off roofs and other inconveniences. This is very uncharacteristic of East Texas. We get our share of wind here but this was an exceptional weather system that moved through.

As fishing goes, I have had some of my best days fishing in wind so strong that I had to tie up to something instead of using the trolling motor. One trip to Toledo Bend comes to mind where it was cold and so windy that it was hard to tell when I had a fish on. Saturday when we had the heavy winds, I fished from the dock and had a decent day.

Don’t discount bass fishing¬† in the wind. It is a pain and I encourage you to stay off of the main parts of the lake as it can be dangerous in the boat, but if you can find somewhere to tie up on a windy day this time of year and throw your favorite crank bait or rattle trap,¬† you can catch fish. I am no meteorologist but these windy conditions are often associated with weather patterns that can prove quite fruitful for a fishing trip.

Windy Day on Lake Fork

We had a storm system blow through and today we have seen 25-40 mph winds all day. I went fishing on the dock and caught a small 14″ bass and missed a nice one. The one I caught I caught on a rattle trap. I was fishing a fluke on a carolina rig when I missed a nice one. I had him hooked and got him about half way to the dock and he got off. I am a big fan of Tru Turn hooks, but due to their design they don’t fit well on a fluke. I was using a regular Eagle Claw hook and did not get a good stick on the hookset.

It is very hazy and really, really windy. Hopefully we will have better weather tomorrow.

Trailer Chains? Who Needs ‘Em!

While walking out to the dock this morning to fish for a while, I saw a man at the boat landing next to the dock taking his boat out of the water. He drove his boat up on the trailer, hooked the nose, hopped into his truck and took off up the ramp. One small problem, the pin holding his receiver hitch in came out and his boat went into the water, now attached to the trailer. So the boat and the trailer are floating just off the boat ramp. I offered help but he seemed to have it under control.

Our subject was nice enough to let me get a short video of this and even nicer, he allowed me to post it here.

I have thought many times since I have been here about safety chains etc. since you remove your boat from the water only to pull it to your site and park the trailer. I would probably not have used safety chains for this short task, but after I saw this I think I will. Unfortunately the camera was not rolling as the boat came loose and went into the water. It was quite funny, even for the guy in the video. He took it like a sport, waded out and got it all under control. The only harm was wet pants from the cold water, as you will hear from his statement in the video.

Another Beautiful Day at Lake Fork

No fish today, but I didn’t hit them very hard. I worked the rattle trap around some stumps, had one follow it to the dock then take off when he saw me, but that was as close as today brought me to catching fish. I saw a few people in boats nearby catching a few. One guy was using a green fluke and I think the other was actually using a spinner bait.

We have a front coming through late tomorrow, so maybe tomorrow morning and afternoon will be good. Pre-frontal conditions are sometimes very good. It’s been warm for 4 days now…we’ll see!

My First Catch Fishing for Bass on Lake Fork

Today, on the second day of warmth, I caught a nice bass off the dock at the resort where I am staying. It was about 18 inches long and weighed in at about 3 pounds. I caught it on a half ounce, crawfish colored, rattle trap in the middle of the afternoon.

I prefer the 1/4 oz. rattle trap, but I lost my last one of the smaller size and am using this half ounce version. There is little difference between the two, but it has been my experience in the past that the smaller size works better in tough conditions.

It’s Finally Warming Up

The past two weeks have been cold and windy. Today we saw a high of about 74 and light to moderate winds from the southeast. Reports say that the 1/4 oz. rattle trap is working in the deeper flats, but fishing is tough right now. If you are going to use a rattle trap, use the 392 Bleeding Craw color in the 1/4 ounce size. The fish seem to be staging in grassy flats waiting for the time to come in and get the beds ready for the spawn.

Soft plastics worked through the grass are also producing as well as anything right now. A fluke in the watermelon seed color is good right now but it’s just a little bit too early. We need a few weeks of warmer weather, and that is what is on the agenda.

Get your tackle box ready. Make sure you have everything you need for your trip to Lake Fork.

So, you are going to fish Lake Fork?

Lake Fork is clearly one of the best bass fishing lakes in the US or even in the world. It is nestled in the piney woods of Eastern Texas and is easily accessible from I-20 and I-30. It is less than 100 miles from Dallas so there are many from the metroplex who make the short drive to fish Lake Fork.

Make sure you have the right tackle and lure selection before you come. The pages in this blog will give you as much information on Lake Fork as possible. We will cover where you can stay, where to eat, where to fish, guide services available and many other topics.